OSCARS 2015!


I love this time of year! Awards season.

The only one really worth being awake at stupid o’clock to watch is, of course, The Oscars.

Being in England this year I assumed I would be in for an evening viewing. OH, how wrong I was.

Red carpet viewing was from 11:30pm and the actual ceremony wasn’t until 1:30am. Damn my body clock! I didn’t even make it to 11pm! I plan on catching up some time this week, but until then….

I have provided my favourite Red Carpet HITS & MISSES.

What do you think? Click the images for full size. Feel free to leave your comments below.

Always eager to get a discussion going when it comes to fashion!

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 10.55.07 am

Naomi_Watts side naomi-watts-front

As an Aussie, I love Naomi Watts, and she barely gets red carpet wrong. This Armani Prive gown is a fresh look at Oscars Red Carpet. Tasteful skin flash in the back whilst it still has that sparkle & tail we all love on an awards gown. Her hair is bang on trend right now too! 

Image source


Whether you are a Gwyneth fan, or not, you can’t deny she is up there with the elite in fashion. This colour pink always works for her complexion and hair colour. Simple, slim and asymmetrical. Love this Ralph & Russo dress. Even if it is a little too long. I want to see her shoes!

image source


Thank the gods that Rosamund Pike worked out what she was doing in time for the Oscars. Although, im aware she had just given birth, such a svelte physique has never looked so awful in that Golden Globes mess. Redemption suits her in this sexy and binding Givenchy Haute Couture piece. I predict this colour coming back into fashion for AW16. Welcome back Rosamund!

image source

Emma stoneOscars (1)Emma-Jen-Oscars-2015-hug-467

Emma has the ideal frame for showing off a one of a kind gown. Which is why she is rarely on the Worst Dressed list. She wins again in this Elie Saab backless number. It ticks all the boxes for a knock-out look. Everything except a little meat on her bones….

Image source

Image source

rita ora rita 1

Rita Ora always manages to cause a stir and, from what I’m reading this morning, people are 50/50 on this Marchesa fishtail gown. I’m siding with an absolute win! Tasteful choice for the Oscars first time attendee. Navy and gold lace detailing paired with a classic cut of fabric suits the normally ‘out there’ celeb. Brava!

Image source image source

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 10.55.50 am

Lady-Gaga-arrives-at-2015-Oscars-1 lady-gaga-g_3208519a

Sweet jesus, she knows how to ruin a perfectly good outfit, doesn’t she? An Azzedine Alaia gown teamed with cherry red everything else. Think I saw a meme with ‘who wore it better’ between Gaga and Monica Gellar from Friends…?

Image source Image source

Marion Cotillard marion-cotillard-a_3208448a

OK, it’s not completely awful. But Marion Cotillard, in this Dior Haute Couture sack dress, just does not do it for me. Its only jaw-dropping from behind & butt downwards. I never put her in this category, but someone had to take the fall today, it will only be temporary I’m sure.

Image source Image source


Julianne Moore isn’t a complete loser at the 2015 Oscars…. but somethings amiss with the waistline or tapered legs. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but this Chanel art-deco inspired dress, is a bit lack lustre for me. She does have the best accessory of the night, in the end, to go with it!

Image source

solange-g_3208516a solange

Sorry, Solange Knowels, but this trouser gown thing is all kinds of MISS. Where’s the bling? Where’s the figure hugging accents to allow for so much frump? What IS this material? Small marks for the choice in colour though!

Image source Image source


Thou shall not do pelvis high splits and DEEP V necks in the same outfit. Let alone the same Red Carpet gown. Chrissy Teigen does not convert me from this commandment. Hell NO. There are no words of encouragement to save this outfit.

Image source image source

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 10.58.31 am

 sienna-miller-breakout-staroscars-red-carpet-2015sienna-miller-gett_3208484a weird makeup

This look is the one look that made me tilt my head, like a puppy who’s confused. Lesson here is: What a difference a different angle and lighting makes. The Image on the left is the Sienna Miller we know and recognize, where as the image on the right, WOW! WHO IS THAT? Albeit black and textured, I’m not positive its up there with the best of them, but this Oscar de la Renta dress does sizzle on Sienna.

Image source

Image source


I imagine it is quite difficult to find a fluffy bottom dress you feel dazzling in, even if it is Valentino, when you’re pregnant. But Keira Knightley pulls this sweet and special vintage-esque gown off perfectly. I would have liked it more if it had been a few shades pinker.

image source Image source


Jennifer Hudson has chosen well, in her Romona Keveza gown, the small peplum and belt detail accentuate and compliment her curves.  The colour is so this season. Accessories are simple but make the right balance too.

image source

lupita lupita-nyongo-g_3208518a

Lupita Nyong’o looks very beautiful in her Calvin Klein dress. Stunning with over 6000 pearls sewn on! However the same pose at every camera, makes her look uncomfortable, which doesn’t sell it for me. And its a bit Bridal rather than Oscars Red Carpet. 

image source image source


Reese is elegant and running with this years neutral (some would joke at all white) theme. Custom made, by Tom Ford, just for her. It shrinks and shows off where needed. Bit too safe to make it to my HIT list.



Luciana Pedraza in Jad Ghandor (imageOR JLO in Elie Saab (image)


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  1. I like your review style in this post! Descriptive and a clear opinion – great post!

  2. I love Julianne Moore’s makeup. It’s hard to remember she’s 54 haha. Her dress is gorgeous as well, in my opinion!

    I totally missed the Oscar’s yesterday, but I’m going to watch the full show on YouTube (if someone uploads it).

  3. I really enjoyed this post! I thought Lady Gaga’s outfit was really interesting. I wondered if the gloves were maybe supposed to be a symbol of something – she recently got engaged and has been in the media a lot for that, so maybe the red gloves (covering up her engagement ring) symbolized something? Not quite sure… Great post, anyways! 🙂

    • Yes she usually is one for making a statement. Whether it has a message behind it or not.
      I wish she had stuck with her performance outfit for the red carpet. The red ensemble could of really worked at the VMAs or something where her ‘kookiness’ is encouraged.
      Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it greatly 🙂

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