8/24 Hair Hacks


Harpers Bazaar online had a very useful link recently….
Of course the original post is not mine.
But for the lazies, or people with boring straight hair…. I’ve placed the best, in my eyes, in this blog post!

#2 If you have straight hair, roll your hair into a coil, wrap it in foil, and press it with a flat iron for curls that will last longer.
The foil is a heat conductor and helps keep the curl coiled as it cools, resulting in natural-looking curls that last all day long.


#4 Secure the end of a braid with a hidden bobby pin to make your hairstyle look more chic.
Tie the ends of your braid into a knot, then slide a bobby pin upward into the knot to secure it. Voilà! A braid with no unsightly hair ties.


#8 Cover the elastic of your ponytail with a section of hair pinned around the base. After you’ve tied your ponytail, grab a section about the width of your pinky from the pony and wrap it around the base. Tuck in any loose ends and secure it by inserting a bobby pin.


#9 Dust an eyeshadow (in the same color family as your hair) along your part to shade your scalp slightly, making your hair appear thicker.
Not only will this trick work in real life, but in pictures your hair will appear super-thick. You can also use this hack along your hairline if you wear it in a ponytail a lot or simply don’t like to part your hair to get the same results.


#10 Make your own salt spray with seltzer water and a teaspoon of sea salt.
You might have a salt spray that you love, but if you don’t or you want to create some texture in a pinch, mix together 20 ounces (approx 600ml) of seltzer water and a teaspoon of sea salt in a spray bottle to make your own ocean spritz at home. (Tip via celebrity stylist Ryan Trygstad.)


#12 Pull your braid apart to make it fuller. I PERSONALLY use this trick all the time!
An easy way to make it look like you have thicker and fuller hair is to gently pull the pieces outward, widening the plait. Just don’t pull it out too far or you might pull it apart.


#17 Increase fullness and volume by stacking your hair on top of your head after you’ve curled it, coating the bottom of your hair with hairspray, then letting it down after your curls have cooled.


#18 Braid your hair, then heat it up by pressing a flat iron over it to make imperfect waves.


I’m curious, do you have a hair styling tip that you wish to share? I’d love to try it out if you post it in the comments below!


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