20131004-232953.jpgThis may come as a shock to some people, but my knowledge of Monaco is small, it’s almost non existent apart from my awareness that it has a casino and too much money!

Completely accurate facts, however, there is more to this private yet somewhat showcased Mediterranean country. That’s right, it is its own country, whaddya know!
With a total squared land mass of 2.02km and a population of just over 36,000 it is the 2nd smallest but most densely populated country in the world. Cray cray!


It takes 20 minutes via regional train from Nice. Costs about 7.50€ and there are some great places to jump off at on the way to Monaco.
We jumped off at a station called Cap-d’Ail, the stop before Monaco…
* Once you get off the train there’s a set of stairs to your left that go under a walkway leading to the waters edge.
* Cross the road (towards the water) and walk down the stairs at the restaurant
* Venture along the path to your right for 10 minutes & you will arrive here…….

20131004-233742.jpg We went on a very overcast day so this picture really does not do it justice!

The walk there is fun and breathtaking. The beach is quiet and the food available is over priced beyond belief so be sure to pack a picnic! We were lucky enough to gander at all the millionaires there who took their 20 something year old lovers to frolic and be topless! Lol.

After a few hours lapping up the ‘sights‘ and the surrounds we got back on the train and got off at Monaco. Walk downhill past the little chapel on your left til you hit the main drag. The port will be right in front of you…..

We arrived close to 5:30pm (still daylight) and were concerned we wouldn’t be able to afford to eat here either. WRONG! Luckily, right there in front of us, was a glass topped cocktail bar and restaurant, called La Miramar, that was 30 minutes away from starting happy hour! Woohoo! Half price cocktails 🙂

We all got a great feed and a cocktail for under 25€. Which wasn’t too pricey considering where we were and what we had the pleasure of viewing while eating…..


A few Nice locals explained we wouldn’t need more than 2 hours in Monaco and they were right.
After dinner we walked uphill on the main drag, and yes there are the markings of all the Grand Prix that have taken place over the years, past all the big name stores (Gucci, Prada, Chanel etc) to gaze at the water front where the Billionaire Sunset Lounge is. We didn’t even dream of going in, but we weren’t too shy to drool over the collection of expensive cars parked out the front!



After we had cleaned up the mess the drool left, we walked to the left which brought us to the front of the Monte Carlo Casino.
More gawkers and more wankers doing driveby’s showing off their ‘I have a small penis complex‘ cars.
We ventured to go inside the casino and were surprised to learn a rumour we had heard earlier was true!
Local residents of Monaco are not permitted to enter the casino. Passports are checked at the door to enforce this law. Crazy! Photography is DEFINITELY not permitted inside the casino so I’m sorry I have no pictures. But take my word for it: you won’t need more than 10 minutes inside.

We walked out to a cool dark night where Monaco had lit up for our walk back to the train station.

After getting back into nice I was glad I made myself take that adventure, as it was the first day I felt like rubbish thanks to what would later be my horrible bout of Tonsilitis, because I later decided Monaco is small but definitely awesome…..Just like me 😉

Til next time, Salut!


About mapofjo

I'm a late twenties opinionated nerd who likes to share my wisdom & experiences with like minded people. I've studied, worked & travelled lots. I'm an open book with nothing to hide, other than my secretly embarrassing celeb crushes....


  1. Hayley Rook

    you are definitely awesome jode xo … I cannot believe that you are the only one in the world that didnt realise Monaco is its own country lol

  2. the cars! Jodie I would drool all over them! Haha I’d love to visit Monaco. It looks amazing so jealous. Xx

    • It’s really opulent sherryne! Although its a tad boring after 1 day. It’s really only somewhere to day trip, I learnt that quickly, after trying to find somewhere to stay in Monaco and there is literally NOTHING middle class lol

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