The start of our stay in Barcelona was not so smooth…. It certainly isn’t the first time… And of course it has to be expected! I would be naive to not.
Our very first day we tried to do the Free Walking Tour with ‘Sandemans New Europe’ and the pick up from our hostel wasn’t too happy about having to lead a group of 40 people. So she waked super fast and intentionally lost half the group, which just so happened to have my partner in it, which meant I had to give up on doing the tour that day… We couldn’t find each other and were separated for 3 hours! Not so much fun 😦

20130927-225949.jpgWe went to the huge park at the Arc de Triomph and played Aeorobie for 2.5 hours! Safe to say we worked up quite the sweat & it seemed the locals had never seen anything like it. People were staring and taking photos! We met people in the bar which is connected to our hostel and somehow decided to go to the pub crawl. In Barcelona this particular pub crawl only went to one different nightclub each day of the week, and only from 2am! This particular night we went to ‘Opium’ >> more <<
20130927-230636.jpgAfter a groggy start the next morning we made attempt #2 at the walking tour. Luckily, I expressed my dissatisfaction at the previous days hosts efforts, as the group was once again ‘full’ but they let us stay to make up for yesterday…
And we are so so so glad we did! We were paired up with Leon, a British native who fell in love with Barcelona many years ago and moved his whole life there, he is a writer when he is not being a tour guide which made for one of the most exciting tours we have had yet!20130927-231320.jpg clockwise from left: the only public Picasso, the fountain in Leon’s fav courtyard, the church (can’t recall which one) & the man himself!

We gave him the biggest tip we have ever given a guide and I sang many praises on
He opened our eyes to the struggle Barcelona has had with their Spanish identity & their long filled desire to be its own nation as part of the Catalan persuasion. Funnily enough at that point a local women started screaming at him from her balcony and told him to “Shut the fuck up!”… We loved Leon so much we even paid to do the Modernisme tour with him on the same day. So we spent ALL day with him & I learned a great deal about Gaudi, my new favourite architect, and the wonderful things Barcelona accomplished once they had the freedom to do so! >>learn all about the man<<
It finished up with our visit to the Sagrada Familia…. There is an abundance of pretty churches to check out in Europe but I can confidently say, once you have fully explored the Sagrada Familia, you do not need to waste time on any other churches! No word of a lie. It is BREATHTAKING!20130927-233202.jpg 20130927-232200.jpgClockwise from top: Gaudi tile design on the road of thanks. Casa Milá. The man himself. Casa batilo.
The next day we were so hyped on Gaudi we paid 20€ to visit the building that has been quoted as George Lucas’ inspiration for his design of the planet Tatooine on Star Wars! It’s so obvious when you reach the rooftop where he drew the ideas from. The reason I was ok with paying such high rates out of peak season, and so should you be, is the fact that all of Gaudi’s works are not restored by the government. All money raised goes to completing the Sagrada Familia. The goal is 2026!

Another ‘must do‘ in Barcelona is the Magic Fountain Show! So after refreshing ourselves from our very hot day of exploring the city we left too late to see the show from a good vantage point. My advice is arrive at least an hour before the show starts! But eventually people got bored and left their amazing spots so we could get some amazing footage… 20130927-234118.jpgHitting the beach was something we wanted to do, but thanks to all the pick pockets there, we decided it wasn’t worth the risk as we would be in Nice next. So we payed 24€ to get the bus to a water park, ‘Isla Fantasia’ on the outskirts of Barca. It’s your transfers and entry fee. We went on the last weekend it was open for the summer and it wasn’t very busy but it was JUST what we needed. So much fun. Luckily we didn’t obtain injuries until close to closing time….

20130927-234406.jpgAfter a playful day, we wanted a good nights sleep, but alas it wasn’t to be…. Or first encounter with a dorm room masturbator was to occur and it was so disgusting! What do you say… “Hey mate, I know it’s natural but, can you finish up in the bathroom please?” Or “Hurry up or shut up”… I just lay there gagging for 1.5 hrs! Who wanks that long?! Heed my warning and always wear ear plugs to bed in multi bed dorms. As this wanker wasn’t done once he was ‘done’. He was also the loudest snorer ever! Puuuuuuurrrrrrrfect.

20130927-234857.jpgMORE PUB CRAWL! This time Razzmatazz, which we were told ALL the locals go to, it cost 17€.

I. Didn’t. Get. It.
It’s a giant warehouse, with multi levels and stairwells leading to rooms with different genres of music in each. But it was dark, dangerous and kinda boring.

Sunday in Barcelona means all stores are closed! Everything except the shopping mall in the harbour. So we decided to check out this fairy garden cafe Leon had recommended to us. It’s also connected to a quirky store with weird artistic, creative and useful devices. Check it out for a light lunch one day! El Bos de les Fades


Saint Christopher’s Barcelona. >> More <<
We found the staff as helpful as can be and the facilities are all new. Each floor has its own local art vibe & you can even buy a matching tee to the floor you stayed in. Beds all had their own light and power point and privacy curtain. There are also storage cages under the beds which had ample space! It’s location was brilliant and breakfast was included!

Rosa Negra >> More <<
Fantastically affordable vibe tastic Mexican food!

Belushis Bar>> More <<
Cheap food, cheap drinks & fun staff

At the MANY locations in Barcelona. Quick and edible breaky for those mornings we couldn’t be bothered getting out of bed by 10am.

El club de la Hamburguesa >> More <<
Funky burger joint with monstrous burgers and drinks. Not the cheapest but a fulfilling feed in the funky sector of the skater district.

SO. MUCH. SHOPPING! All your favourite brands are there. All the cool kids are setting new trends there. All the quirky little eateries are there. So are the dangers, see my blog post on them >>here<<

As you can tell we saw so much whilst in Barcelona which is why we added 2 extra nights and ended up staying 6! The place is a definite must do but do your research to get the most out of your stay there….

Til Nice, Chao!



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