Sick of being sick

Just a quick update to say sorry it’s been so long since I have updated.
I’ve been sick with a nasty flu for almost 5 days. Fingers crossed I wake up tomorrow and I’m a lot better as the mornings seem to be the hardest.

I’ve got lots to write about but seeing as I am off to Oktoberfest in 2 days and need to concentrate on getting better before then its lots of rest and hardly any writing until then…

Maybe on the train to Munich? Who knows. I swear you will hear from me as soon as I’m well and have the wifi to post 🙂

Hang in there while I recover!


About mapofjo

I'm a late twenties opinionated nerd who likes to share my wisdom & experiences with like minded people. I've studied, worked & travelled lots. I'm an open book with nothing to hide, other than my secretly embarrassing celeb crushes....


  1. Hayley

    Hope you’re feeling better soon xo

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