Trending Observations

So a quick update on trends I’m noticing here on my travels.

One I’m diggin on, is the beach towel sarong things… You can get them with out with out the towel part, but people are using them as blankets and towels everywhere and they are so convenient! Trouble is I am having the hardest time finding them in a store to buy!


The other that I am loving is colourful head bandeau’s at the beach. Not like the turban bands that have been in recently. These ones are for tucking all your hair up while your baking and swimming. Super fresh and summery.


One trend I’m not feeling 100% …. Yet. Is that Mini Butterfly Clips are making a resurgence. NOT like when I wore them in year 7. But one or two natural coloured for half up dos etc… It may grow on me.




About mapofjo

I'm a late twenties opinionated nerd who likes to share my wisdom & experiences with like minded people. I've studied, worked & travelled lots. I'm an open book with nothing to hide, other than my secretly embarrassing celeb crushes....


  1. B

    Hey – I like those hair clips! Are you saying they’ve been out of fashion?

    • Only in my eyes I suppose. But after working in an accessory store for years…. I didn’t see a single one available. But it was prob cos you bought them? 😉

  2. Ask and you shall receive! Found my beach sarong blanket thing! Hooray

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