It’s finally here. The day I’ve been dreaming about when the going got tough & the new year rolled round. The day EVERYONE dreams of.

Choosing your unemployment!

Strangely, I feel no different. That was not how it was supposed to go!
Upon reflection this morning (my first day of being unemployed) I realised why I feel no different. I still have lots of work to do!

Kitchen needs packing
Clothes need packing
Boxes need to be moved to their new destination
House needs cleaning from top to bottom
Car registration
Tax return

Then, and only then, will I begin to feel the holiday mode sink in!

Promise my next post will be more optimistic 🙂


About mapofjo

I'm a late twenties opinionated nerd who likes to share my wisdom & experiences with like minded people. I've studied, worked & travelled lots. I'm an open book with nothing to hide, other than my secretly embarrassing celeb crushes....

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