Review: personal cookbook app

I like to cook and if its not written down I WILL forget how I made it!

So naturally I have a collection of books on all categories of cooking where I only use a favourite 3 or 4 pages.
Having realised I will be gone for some time and won’t be interested in lugging whole books purely to use less than 2% of its content, it was obvious I needed to condense and organise!

my favourite thing to do!

Found an app for my iPad and iPhone that does all this!
“Personal cookbook”- you enter all your own recipes, add your own images or just use a stock image from the web. It lets you select and arrange by category and base ingredient.
Best of all ITS FREE!

Highly recommend it!

Now I can win over potential new housemates with my favourite masterpieces 🙂



About mapofjo

I'm a late twenties opinionated nerd who likes to share my wisdom & experiences with like minded people. I've studied, worked & travelled lots. I'm an open book with nothing to hide, other than my secretly embarrassing celeb crushes....



    Love reading your bloggs jode 🙂 what wld we have done without technology back in the dark ages !? Woulda had to rip the 3-4 pages outta that book ! Or spend AGES copying out all the recipes.
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  2. Kerry

    Great idea I bet there are many people who do the same thing I know I do so I’m in search for your suggested app Jodi

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